The general topics developed in our projects are:



  • Surface and groundwater resources planning; sustainable use of water at basin or administrative area level.
  • Evaluation of available volume of water in aquifers and its sustainable exploitation.
  • Water supply to industrial areas, population centers, and touristic developments.
  • Location and design of wells for the extraction or infiltration of water.
  • Identification of the position of fresh-brackish-sea water interphase.
  • Characterization of seawater intrusion.
  • Evaluation of an aquifer vulnerability to pollution.
  • Pollution of groundwater by human activity e.g. non-conventional deposits (Shale gas, Shale oil).
  • Identification of places suited for the location of landfills or confinement of industrial waste.
  • Design of piezometric monitoring networks.
  • Planning of networks designed to evaluate groundwater quality.
  • Geologic supervision in the drilling of water wells.
  • Mathematical modeling of aquifers.
  • Pumping tests.
  • Aquifer recharge.
  • Mine water discharge.




  • Hydrologic studies to prevent flooding.
  • Zoning federal land-maritime areas (federal coastal areas, as well as river and streambeds).



  • Analysis of the natural ability of a dam nozzle and vase.
  • Instability of the rocky massif in areas to house highways, tunnels, gas pipes, and dams.
  • Identification of areas of geologic risk.
  • Identification of engineering works needed to avoid geologic risks.
  • Design of geologic cartography.
  • Interpretation of aerial photography and satellite images.

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