Moro Ingenieria, S.C. counts with experts that apply a variety of technics in geology, geophysics, hydrochemistry, and hydraulics, in order to characterize the environment and carry out:


Subsoil and surface exploration of a given area by applying geophysical methods such as vertical electric sounding, transitory electromagnetic sounding, seismic refraction, and electric tomography.


  • Hydrological studies to avoid flooding.
  • Identification of safe areas for the final disposal of municipal solid waste, hazardous industrial waste, and return water from desalination plants.
  • Geotechnical studies applied to highways, gas pipelines, and dams.
  • Geologic and hydrogeologic studies related to non-conventional deposits (Shale Gas and Shale Oil).
  • Environmental studies to evaluate the state of an aquifer and establish potential geological risks.
  • Hydrogeological studies related to the:


  • Exploration of groundwater in a given region, or in order to locate extraction or infiltration wells.
  • Evaluation, modeling, and management of groundwater.
  • Development of studies aimed at establishing a piezometric monitoring network and other networks for the evaluation of groundwater quality.
  • Comprehensive management of water at a regional or basin level.
  • Identification and protection of water recharge areas.
  • Recharge of aquifers.
  • Geologic supervision of the drilling of water wells.


  • Actualization courses in subjects related to geology and hydrogeology.




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